Fish don’t bite because they’re hungry, they strike because their instincts tell them to.  And their instincts fire when changes to their environmental conditions trigger them.  What we call Biometrics is the scientific observation and understanding of the environmental conditions and changes that influence behavior.

Changing Continously

  • Barometric Pressure
  • Moon Rise/Set
  • Moon Overhead/Underfoot
  • Wind Speed & Direction
  • Sun Position
  • Cloud Cover

Changes Weekly or Monthly

  • Phases of the Moon
  • Spring Spawning Proximity
  • Summer High Metabolism
  • Fall Feeding Binges
  • Seasonal Migrations

Changing Super Slow

  • Forage Base
  • Deep & Clear Lakes
  • Shallow & Stained Lakes
  • Southern Reservoirs
  • Rivers
  • Great Lakes

How it Works - Buckets of Influencers

A behind the scenes algorithm continuously monitors more than twenty factors across many different influence buckets.  The reach of the algorithm can detect over 300,000 unique fishing scenarios.  The app uses your current location or any lake you specify to connect to one of over 800 NOAA weather stations to insure real-time predictions for a single person at a single moment at their location.

Real-Time Weather

Weather patterns can get stuck for days even weeks, it’s critical to understand, to prepare and to accurately time the changes to your advantage.  Influences include barometric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, cloud cover, precipitation, 2-day, 3-day, and 5 day patterns, and percent of change.

Sun Events

One thing we can count on is the sun will rise and set every day.  The Biometrics algorithm accurately predicts it’s influence on the environment in any location.  Sun events are excellent amplifiers to other influences such as weather or moon when they coincide.

Moon Phase & Events

The Moon is a dominant influence.  Some moon phases present better opportunities than others, with four significant moon events happening every day.  The algorithm understands and accurately estimates the moon’s influence in real-time, adjusted for any location.

Seasonality Influences

The impact of influences change throughout the year.  For example, in early season, warming trends with SW winds improve the situation and a NE cold front is a big negative.  Not so later in the summer and early fall when dropping temps become an advantage.  The algorithm automatically adjusts in late summer and fall accordingly.


On a cold November day in Northern Wisconsin, the Biometrics were red hot for about an hour and the fish went crazy.  Then, just as fast as it started, it was over.  Winter set in early in Wisconsin in 2019, so many of the small lakes were completely iced over, and of the big deep lakes still open, most of their landings were iced in.  So my friend Bob and I needed a lake that was deep, and had a landing that was not in a bay.  We went to a lake we had only fished once, ten years earlier.  We were on the water by 10:00 am, found some potential Cisco spawning areas, and began beating the water with pounders, large minnow baits, and a couple soaking suckers.  We had absolutely no action… until the biometrics lined up.  Everything came together right when the trend line said it would and we had a day for the ages.


Look, we get it, this is a lot to digest and understand.  So we wrote a book on it.  The book goes into deep detail on the fundamentals of biometrics, the five primary biometrics context patterns, the pyramid of influencers, details on musky fishing traps that biometrics help you avoid, and some really fun stories on how this all came to be.

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In 2019 we went to Lake of the Woods and put our new BIOMETRICS algorithm to the ultimate on the water test.  Check out this episode of MHTV on Biometrics.


Lets just say… Gord Pyzer is a Biometrics Believer!